The Best Way to Get Around London for First Time Tourists

The Best Way to Get Around London for First Time Tourists

The Best Way to Get Around London for First Time Tourists

London is a city well known for its history and diversity, its multi-cultural living style attracts millions of visitors all through the year. Unlike other places in the United Kingdom London is overwhelmed with Attractions, Museums, Clubs, Night life`s, etc which is the main reason travellers choose to visit this enlightened city.

Generally for anyone travelling to a place for the first time especially a city like London they should not only explore the list of places to visit but also decide on the mode of transportation to ensure the list of places you intend to visit are not missed out.

Why transportation becomes an important part in your travelling plans? The answer to this question in one simple word is “Economy”. London is a commercial city and in today`s era the cost of touring in this magnificent city can prove costly.

Read on to find out the best and cost effective mode of transportation that will help you get around the city of London whilst keeping your costs minimal during your vacation.

Generally there are a number of transportation options to travel in and around the city, but a wrong choice could result in you getting lost on your way and might ruin your entire plans for the day. The city has its well built transportation system such as buses, trains, the London underground tubes, overground trains, river buses, trams, taxis and minicabs.

Here are some of the best options that you can choose from;


An approximate count of 7300 buses serving over 19000 stops in and around the city works out to be the cheapest mode of transportation amongst other choices of transport. There is a day tour bus that takes you to selective attractions. Based upon the package you select, they can take you for a tour throughout the city. The tour packages may vary from time to time and place to place. If you choose to visit selective attractions or places it is always best to pre-plan on your own accord suiting your own travel needs. All said travelling via bus can be challenging and most of the time is the slowest option, which might have to be given a second thought as you may tend to miss lots of places on your list.


London`s train system is made up of underground tubes and overground trains, they are one of the fastest and economical ways to travel even to the suburban areas of London, but bear in mind most of the train and tube stations are not located close to a majority of attractions. Which means you may have to take a quick taxi ride or walk a bit to reach your destination. Trains or tubes are not available 24/7 and tends to get less frequent during bad weather conditions and holiday periods.

Taxis and Minicabs:

For over 50 years Taxis and Minicabs have always been the best, reliable, cost effective and safe mode of transportation in London. Commuting from London`s 5 Major airports Airport Taxi in London comes handy for travellers not only to reach their destination, but also becomes their best travelling partner assisting whilst travelling anywhere in and around the crowded city with ease. If you are planning to visit places of your own choice, then Taxis and Minicabs is the best way forward in transporting you in and around London.