Various Transportation Options to Get in and out of Heathrow Airport

Various Transportation Options to Get in and out of Heathrow Airport

Travelling to and from Heathrow airport is made easier, as commuters have several options to choose from, which could save time and money. Heathrow airport is easily accessible by both public and private transport as it is conveniently located. Multiple options are available for travelling ‘to and from’ Heathrow and to other locations, makes it fit for everyone’s needs and budget.
Let’s discuss ways, to identify the best way to make your transfer stress-free.


Underground transportation is considered the cheapest way of travel between Heathrow and central London. If you are calculating and have already made up your mind to lower your travel costs, then the London Underground is the best option. They run every five minutes at peak times and every nine minutes at off-peak times and weekends. But this means of transportation, is not suitable for people who are travelling with lots of luggage, as this mode of travel involves the use of escalators and stairs.

Heathrow Express:

This mode of transportation is considered to be the fastest. Heathrow express operates every 15 minutes transferring passengers to and from Heathrow airport, thereby avoiding delays. Heathrow Express is best suitable for transfers to Paddington but can be quite expensive. If you book a first class ticket you are offered free newspapers and allocated better seats with ample leg room space. Throughout the journey, you can choose to make web calls using their uninterrupted Wi-Fi service. On the other hand, you could also opt to use Heathrow Connect trains which are relatively cheaper.

National Express Coaches:

Coach services are the best medium mode of transport when travelling long distances. Passengers can buy a ticket from Heathrow airport and prices are higher than the underground transportation. Coaches also have an on-board wash room and generally are a fairly comfortable means of transportation.

Shuttle Services:

Shuttle services are very frequent and are a common choice of transport, but can be very slow in service. Each person is allotted a maximum of 1 suitcase and 1 hand bag. Whilst Private Hire Operators are run by huge corporations, the shuttle services are run by relatively small independent operators.

Private Hire and Minicabs:

A taxi from Heathrow to Central London takes very less travel time. Private Hire Minicabs are a well organised cab operator outside Heathrow Terminal. A passenger can book a Heathrow airport taxi service for his or hers travel or can opt for Heathrow airport taxi transfers which are readily available. It is always advisable to pre-book before reaching your destination. A driver will meet and greet you upon arrival and help with your baggage. Owing to traffic related problems, cabs should be booked with caution. If your journey is beyond the city limits, timings can vary in reaching your destination, so always ensure to allow ample time for your travel.

Own Vehicle:

If you own your private vehicle, then there are plenty of cheap airport parking options available in and around the airport. It is always helpful if you have an early morning flight or if your landing late at night. This is considered as a safe bet compared to other modes of travelling options.

Having discussed several travel methods, a passenger can also choose public transportations like buses and rail links for travel. Every passenger’s dream is to travel ‘to and from’ the airport without much pressure at a low cost. Choose your best mode and enjoy your stay in London!